The Cabin by Esmond Skidmore

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Beginning at age 50, Esmond produced 600 oils and hundreds of driftwood creations.


In 1946 Esmond wrote a novel entitled The Purple Button. Believing that everything has a time, he published it in 1987.


Esmond taught full time for two years in the Bancroft area.


Undoubtedly one of his greatest passions was the piano.


Having faith in a vision, the Tea Room in Lake St. Peter served him well for over thirty years.


If you were one of the lucky ones that he got to know, you would have walked away with a deeper appreciation for the simpler things. "It begins with the belief that life is good."


Aside from public speaking engagements, Esmond was interviewed by Harvey Kirk for CTV and has had several articles written about him including one in the Toronto Star by Frank Jones and another in the Intelligencer by Barry Ellswort.